Niamh – 2022 Wicklow Nose Of Tralee

Wicklow Nose of Tralee 2022

Meet your Wicklow celebrity – the 2022 Wicklow Nose of Tralee, Niamh.

Name: Niamh

County: Wicklow

Age: 3

Breed: Glen of Imaal Terrier

Special Skill: Glen Sit

Favourite Food: Butternut Box

Favourite Toy: Stitch

2022 Wicklow Nose

Favourite Place to Sleep: Mum & Dad’s bed

Favourite Activity: Patrolling Greystones Marina from her balcony sofa

Favourite Place to Go for Walk / Hangout: The Fat Fox

Most mischievous thing ever done: Hopped up on dining room chair as a puppy to get soup bowl and knocked if off table shattering it

Wicklow Nose

How did you come into owners’ life: My mum wanted a corgi, but my dad doesn’t handle shedding well. So my mum googled ‘scruffy corgi’ and my breed popped up – it was love at first sight. I ended up being a wedding gift to my parents and instead of a honeymoon they picked me up and had a puppymoon

What makes you the most pawtastic pet ever: I’m a chameleon dog – always happy to vibe with others. Want a duvet day? No problem I’ll cuddle in. Fancy going kayaking or on a hike – I’m ready with my lifejacket and hiking backpack

Why did you decide to enter the Nose of Tralee: Mum said I bring a lot of joy to people in Greystones as they all chat to me when they walk past on the marina and thought as a Wicklow native breed, I could really do a good job representing my county on a wider scale!

The Wicklow Nose of Tralee 2022

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes: Mum posted on my socials, and I spent my days laying on my balcony sofa with a QR code on the glass barking at people passing by to vote for me!

What did you enjoy most about the Nose of Tralee: I loved getting to meet some other noses and showing off my glen sit on IrelandAM. I also am really enjoying my ‘celebrity’ status with people recognising me on walks in Greystones

What advice would you give to the next nose of your county: Have fun, embrace the beautiful photo backdrops that our garden county offers, and charge a treat tax for every photo your human takes

Wicklow Nose 2022

How are you handling you newfound fame: I was born for this level of attention

If you could be any superhero, who would you be: I think superheroes get too much clout – I’m pro #muzzlemovement and am definitely Bane (peek my 2021 halloween costume!)

Where can your fans follow you online: Instagram @niamhtheglen

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