2022 Nose Of Tralee Winner Announced

Over 1600 pets entered the 2022 Nose of Tralee – and it wasn’t just cats and dogs who entered. We had entries from horses, cows and even a chicken in the final 32.

55,000 votes decided who the top 3 pets were in each county (based on their votes)

And our judges (Tara Flynn, Lorna Sixsmith and David MCauly) had the difficult task of selecting the final 32.

The 32 Finalists then battled it out on social media, in person, on TV and in their local community to get votes for their Noses.

And now based on the public vote we get to crown the Nose of Tralee 2022 Winner and Runner Up.

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2022 Nose Of Tralee Winner Announced

Meet Your 2022 Nose of Tralee Winner – The Tyrone Nose, Sadie

If you can be anything be like Sadie and ”keep smiling even if you’re broken”. Sadie was found wandering the streets of Serbia in early 2017, with multiple broken bones including a broken hip and a broken elbow. She was taken to Ub Dog Pound, Serbia where she spent the next two and a half years amongst 180 other dogs, with little to no treatment. In August 2019 she travelled across 8 countries and moved to Tyrone. Since arriving she has started a long road of rehabilitation. Sadie has had so much against her but yet, she has never given up on herself, she just keeps on smiling and makes the world smile with her. She’s a real inspiration. After 3 major complicated surgeries, on three of her legs, meaning 3 times she had to learn to walk again and now with only one good leg to stand on Sadie is still determined to make the most of every moment. She really loves meeting new people, young or old alike, and as long as she gets a good belly rub or a tasty treat she’s more than happy to show anyone that it’s not about what you can’t do in life, it’s about making the very best of what you can. It’s no surprise that Sadie’s stamina, determination and jolly smile is admired by many. As if that alone isn’t enough to make her a winner, along with her best friend, a little disabled terrier called Dougal, they do all they can to raise awareness and funds for animals who, like they did, find themselves suffering without a home, especially on the streets of Serbia. Life can be very tough sometimes and there’s no doubt some things are very hard to handle but always remember… if you can be anything… be like Sadie and keep smiling even if you’re broken!😁 Oh and one more thing….if you can do anything….vote for Sadie and together let’s show everyone that to be broken is not the end it’s simply just the beginning of a whole new chapter if taken on like Sadie. Sadie says Thank You so much and remember…. keeeeeeep sssssssmiling everyone. 😁😁


Meet Your 2022 Nose of Tralee Runner Up – The Monaghan Nose, Bettie

Betty is a 19-month-old Miniature Schnauzer. Betty was the first dog we had in our home in over 20 years, and she has made a wonderful addition to our family. Betty is the heart and soul of the house and the boss. Betty came home with me on the 17 March 2021, and we have not spent a day apart since. Betty was named after the legendary movie star Bette Davis. Betty is a dog that is both loving and protective, her eyes are hypnotic, and she has a wonderful playful and mischievous nature. Betty is a dog with serious FOMO, she is my little shadow; she follows me EVERYWHERE! Betty enjoys her comforts and attention; she has more toys than a child. Betty never goes far without her squeaky red ball and penguin teddy; these were her very first toys and she still loves and plays with them to this day, but her favourite thing to play with are empty plastic drink bottles. Three things Betty is guaranteed to hear me say to her daily, ‘Betty what is in your mouth?’, Betty you have something stuck in your beard’, and ‘I love you’. Betty can be cute as a button one minute and have her sassy moments the next. Betty has an awesome beard; one many men would envy; her beard is very tousled looking in the mornings (which I find very amusing and cute) and she cannot eat or drink anything without causing a mess. Betty is in her element when she is running around the house and garden with her toys. Betty loves to chase our cat, most often chasing him up a tree. Betty is a very vocal dog and loves to bark; we no longer need a doorbell as she is a great watchdog, barking at anything that moves (the postman and the cows suffer the most). Betty enjoys her walkies; we go on walks to Lough Muckno in Castleblayney and the Avenue in Carrickmacross. You cannot leave ANYTHING lying on the floor when Betty is about as she will be away with it, shoes are the worst. Betty can make anyone smile and laugh, she is a wonderful little dog with a big personality and would make a great Nose of Tralee.

The winner will receive prizes from Sponsors Pet Sitters Ireland, Tesco Ireland and David McAuley Photography

Winners Prize

  • Title Of Nose of Tralee 2022
  • 200 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • Photo Shoot with David MaCauley Photography including canvas image
  • 500 Euro Tesco Voucher

Runners Up Prize

  • 100 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • 150 Euro Tesco Voucher

For More Information About The Nose Of Tralee Visit www.Petsittersireland.Com/Nose-Of-Tralee/


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