Betty – Monaghan Nose Of Tralee Runner Up 2022

Monaghan Nose of Tralee


Meet your Monaghan celebrity – the 2022 Nose of Tralee Runner Up Betty.

Name: Betty aka Betty Boo

County: Monaghan

Age: 20-months

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Special Skill: Being adorable in any and every situation.

Favourite Food: Chicken (occasionally) I am a very picky eater.

Monaghan Nose of Tralee 2022

Favourite Toy: Penguin teddy (very first toy and still in one piece)

Favourite Place to Sleep: Beside my hooman, most often on top of her head.

Favourite Activity: Walkies or playing football with a ball I am determined to bust.

Favourite Place To Go For A Walk/Hangout: Black Island – Lough Muckno in Castleblayney

Most Mischievous Thing You Have Ever Done? 

Well it’s impossible to give just one answer to that, but if I had to pick one it would probably be the time I ripped the side of my hoomans bed frame to shreds. Oops! She was more shocked than anything. She covered it with a very nice Miniature Schnauzer patterned scarf so no one would ever know.

Monaghan Nose

How Did You Come Into Your Owners Life?

A very nice lady named Martina Woods, who is the owner of ‘Harry’s Dog Bakery’, found me for my hooman. I was the runt of the litter and it was love at first sight. I went to my forever home on 17th March 2021, my hooman says it was the luckiest St Patrick’s Day ever. I was very quiet, but that didn’t last long. LOL We haven’t spent a day apart since.

What Makes You The Most Pawtastic Pet Ever! 

I had my hooman wrapped around my paw from the moment she saw me.

My hooman tells me I am the most gorgeous little girl in the whole world. I am very sassy and mischievous, but I can be cute as a button. My hooman only has to look at me to stop herself from feeling sad (wow what a power to have). My eyes are hypnotic, and she tell me that everything about me is adorable. I am also very cuddly. The best thing about me is I have the best beard EVER!

Why Did You Decide To Enter The Nose Of Tralee?

My hooman decided to enter me into the Nose of Tralee because she loves showing me off and wanted the whole world to see me and know who I am. My hooman always said I was a winner in her eyes no matter what the result.

Monaghan Nose 2022

How Did You Prepare For The Contest And Get Votes? 

My hooman put up posters of my beautiful face and voting details all over county Monaghan and was canvassing every town and village in county Monaghan for 3 weeks non stop. We got on our local radio and in our local newspaper. We canvassed the popular dog walking areas in county Monaghan.

Making people aware of the competition was essential. We reached out to Schnauzers all over the world and they rallied behind me. We had Schnauzer support from America, Japan, UK, Australia, and many other countries. I could not have done it without them. They were so excited for me and really wanted to help a fellow Schnauzer out. The Schnauzer community really boosted our votes. #schnauzersunite

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Nose Of Tralee? 

My hooman enjoyed showing me off to everyone and showing everyone how gorgeous the Miniature Schnauzer breed is. She was very proud of me representing county Monaghan, but then again, she is always proud of me.

Monaghan Nose of Tralee 2022

What Advice Would You Give To The Next Nose Of Your County? 

  1. Awareness: This is so important. Canvas every town, every village, every inch of your county, people can’t vote if they don’t know about it. Every person my hooman spoke to (which was A LOOOOOOT ) NEVER heard of the Nose of Tralee. Get out there and make people aware of the competition. Be excited and enthusiastic when out canvassing, trust me it is infectious! When people met me in the flesh, they were so excited. Luckily my hooman loves talking about me to anyone who will listen, nothing spreads quicker than the word of mouth. So yes, that means going into every type of store, café, hotel and chipper. We even went into dentists and Doctors, you really need to go EVERYWHERE!
  2. Posters and flyers: hand out flyers when out for walks or when visiting shops etc. Cover your county with posters of your pet. After the competition ended and the results were announced, some people took a poster as a souvenir from some of the Public Notice Boards we had them on.
  3. Show off your pet in their sash at every opportunity: During the second week of the competition there was a heatwave, and I couldn’t go out with my hooman, but she was still out canvassing for me. The times I did go out with her I was always proudly wearing my sash, the sash is like a red beacon on your pet, it is very eye-catching, and people will look and ask you about it. This also includes when taking photos and posting them on social media forums, such as Instagram and FB, always wear your sash or have it in shot! Get LOTS of photos and videos.
  4. Media: Get on your local radio and in your local newspaper, we were put into the NEWS section for the 3 weeks of competition, it is a great reminder for people.
  5. Pubs: I know some people might scoff at that, but I think this is a very good one (it might be an underrated one). Ask to put a poster up in the pub and leave some flyers on the bar. Talk to the bar staff about the competition, great way to get word out.
  6. Neighbourhood support: leave a flyer with your neighbours. I found that when people realise it is the neighbours pet next door or from down / up the road, they really want to join in and help.
  7. Facebook pet breed groups: Get on in contact with suitable FB groups. My Schnauzer family were so great and supportive. I am confident many of our votes came from my fellow Schnauzers all over the world.
  8. Emphasis to people that they can vote every 24 hours: A lot of people didn’t realise they could vote every 24 hours. I’m sure every county had this problem, but just keep saying it to people. We had it on the flyers and posters and we did tell people too, but many still didn’t realise they could vote every day. Every vote counts!
  9. Dog/animal shelter: Visit your local dog/animal shelter in your county. They will be more than happy to put it on their Facebook page. My local shelter was the ‘Carrick Dog Shelter’. We visited them during the second week. We donated our Tesco Voucher to this dog shelter.
  10. Shows: If there are any vintage shows, festivals, or events in your county during the time of the competition, go to them, it is a great way to reach a large audience and for it to get on social media and another way of getting into your paper.
  11. Dog walking areas: if your pet is a dog this is one of the best places to canvass. For us it was one of the most important places we canvassed and generated votes.
  12. Family support: it is incredibly difficult to be a one-man band and do it all on your own, your family will help you. You might not want to bother them with it or may want to do it on your own but trust me they will rally behind you. They will speak to their friends and colleagues and do what they can to support you and get you votes for your pet.
  13. Momentum: You need to keep the momentum going for the entire 3 weeks, treat every day likes it’s the very first day, just keep the hype going, this way you will generate a lot of votes each day.
  14. Think outside the box: Throughout the competition, I was inspired by things in the most random of places. Look for inspiration. Put on your creativity hat.

My main bit of advice is to just dive straight in and get out there every day and canvass your entire county for the 3 weeks, JUST KEEP GOING! Getting the word out is imperative. People will appreciate and remember you for taking the time and making the effort to go out and get votes for your pet. This competition is important to you and you want your pet to do well in it. My hooman put her heart and soul into it… It is 3 weeks of canvassing, so give it your all. The 3 weeks flew by for us. As long as you can say at the end you did everything you could to give your pet the best chance in competition, be content and proud of yourself. My hooman left no stone unturned and I can safely say that there isn’t a person in county Monaghan who hasn’t heard of me or seen my beautiful, bearded face. I am somewhat of a celebrity among the Schnauzer community now. I am sure that county Monaghan will have a lot of entries next year.

Monaghan Nose of Tralee 2022

How Are You Handling Your New-Found Fame? 

I am handling it very well. When out for walkies many people say ‘oh look its Betty’. Everyone always found me to be adorable before the Nose of Tralee, but now being the most famous dog in my county it has brought it to a whole new level. I take it in my stride.

If You Could Be Any Super Hero Who Would You Be? 

I think Super Betty sounds rather good. I can tick Batman off the list as I was Batman for Halloween 2021. It was really fun as my hooman (Robin) and I walked around our usual walking area (Lough Muckno) on Halloween and people loved it, my naturally pointed ears really made the costume. I was also Master Yoda for May 4th 2022. Who knows who the hooman has in mind for me to be next. I was Darth Vadar for a day so if you had a category for ‘What Villain you would be?’ I have that covered too.

Where Can Your Fans Follow You Online? Betty’s Instagram @bettyminiatureschnauzer

Monaghan Nose of Tralee 2022

What does it mean to you to be the Runner Up of the Nose of Tralee?

It was amazing to hear my name be called out as Runner Up of the Nose of Tralee. I think every year the competition gets bigger and bigger. Every county gives it their all and my hooman did her best in getting me as many votes as she could.

I was so shocked and happy to know that small county Monaghan finally placed in the competition this year. I know that all our canvassing did not go unnoticed and that I was supported in my county and within the worldwide Schnauzer community. Each county has their own special story of who their pet is, how, when, and why they came into their lives and what makes them the best pet in the world. My hooman says It is a very special honour and something I can be very proud of.

I know I speak for all the other counties when I say this is one special memory, we can all cherish in our life’s journey with our hoomans. The Nose of Tralee is a platform that allows a person to highlight and show their pet in a fun, proud and loving manner to the world and give them the voice and spotlight they deserve. I believe that my hooman successfully did all of that with me in this years Nose of Tralee. All pets from all walks of life enter this competition, no one story is the same and it is wonderful to read their story and follow their journey.

Congratulations to this year’s winner County Tyrone Nose Sadie. I remember reading your story in the semi-finals and it was one that stood out. You had been through so much and I am so happy you found your way to Ireland and are now with your forever family, they love you so much and are very lucky to have you in their lives. It is so wonderful to see you thriving in life and are now a very happy girl. Thankfully you got a second chance of life, you’re a beautiful girl Sadie and you have an infectious smile. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Well done Sadie.

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