Meet The 2021 Tyrone Nose Of Tralee

Tyrone Nose of Tralee

He loves opening doors, his favourite food is anything other than his own food, he loves playing ball and enjoys a tasty leather shoe.

Meet your Tyrone celebrity – the Tyrone Nose.

Meet The 2021 Tyrone Nose Of Tralee

Name: Bailey aka Bailey Boo Aka Bold Boy AKA oh Bailey you little ****

County: Tyrone

Age: 2.5 years

Breed: Rottweiler

Special Skill: Opening Doors

Favourite Food: Anything my Hooman has

Favourite Toy: My rugby ball

Tyrone Nose

Favourite Place to Sleep: On my hooman / on my hoomans bed it’s sooooo cosy

Favourite Activity: Playing ball and with my toys

Favourite Place To Go For A Walk/Hangout: Surveying my kingdom in my field

Most Mischievous Thing You Have Ever Done? I ate my daddy hoomans real good leather shoes he didn’t seem to happy about that now

Nose Tyrone 2021

How Did You Come Into Your Owners Life? My mammy hooman got a phone call that me and my brothers and sisters were born and she could come pick 1 of us to take home first coz them hoomans said they know we’d go to a good home. I heard this chatter and as soon as my hooman mammy came to see us I picked her 🐶

What Makes You The Most Pawtastic Pet Ever! I’m a gentle giant I have so much love to give I burst with love when my hoomans come home I give the best hugs and loves and kisses some say my breed is dangerous I’m out to prove them all wrong

Why Did You Decide To Enter The Nose Of Tralee? To show the people’s Rottweilers have a bad reputation but we are paw-some with the right hoomans and right love patience and training

Nose of Tralee Tyrone

How Did You Prepare For The Contest And Get Votes? I got meself a great bow tie collar and posed for 100s of pictures And my hooman Mam plastered me all over Facebook for votes likes and shares…. Sharing is a foreign word to me what’s my hoomans is mine and what’s mine is my own

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Nose Of Tralee? Firstly the yummy treats I received for entering they were lush thank you and I loved seeing everyone’s photos and reading about all the entrants and finalists

2021 Nose of Tyrone

What Advice Would You Give To The Next Nose Of Your County? Next nose? I hope I’ll still be gorgeous enough to be Tyrone nose next year too 😜

How Are You Handling Your New-Found Fame? I’m such an attention seeker I’m loving it

If You Could Be Any Super Hero Who Would You Be? I would be the milk tray man… all because the lady loves milk tray and I love chocolate when my mam gives me a tiny bit lol

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