Press Release – 2020 Nose Of Tralee Winner Announced

Over  1500 pets entered the competition.

The public and 3 judges picked our final 32 County Noses.

And 29,000 votes were cast to decide the winner of the 2020 Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee.

2020 Nose Of Tralee Winner Announced

Meet Your Winner The Offaly Nose – Teddy

Teddy is the definition of a fur baby. A Tibetan Maltese from Offaly , Teddy has been in our lives for over two years now. And i can’t remember a time when she wasn’t with us.  She brings life and joy to our hearts and our house. Her spirited personality charms all who meet her. She deserves to win the title of Nose of Tralee 2020. Teddy’s personality is that of a toddlers, napping with her favorite toy, a scruffy little teddy called bear I gave her when she was a tiny 12 weeks old. Sitting in her favorite spot on the couch.

Teddy does not know the meaning of personal space.  She wants to have human contact as much as possible. Teddy is the bell of the ball in her best Offaly jersey strutting down the back road wagging her tail at all she meets. What makes Teddy so special is how she makes people feel. Many studies have shown that interactions with animals bring on a surge of oxytocin, making pet lovers feel at ease, relaxed, full of love.  This is what Teddy has brought to the lives of all those that know her and interact with her.

Throughout this pandemic myself and Teddy have pounded the pavements every day. Even completing the sponsored 10,000 steps a day in June for the Matter Foundation. As much as she loves her walks I did have to convince her to get off the couch and put on her yellow rain jacket to trot out for some of this, 10K a day was a lot for her little legs! With all of the outfit changes and photos she really is enjoying the attention and photos we are taking of her.

In a world full of uncertainty I know for sure that Teddy’s warm little paws, her cute bark and happy face will greet me every time I walk in my door.  Man’s best friend helps us in so many ways, emotionally and physically benefiting our health. In return I want to introduce Teddy to Ireland and show everyone how lucky we are to have her.

Meet Your Runner Up – Cork Nose – Robert

Meet Robert, a 4 year old Rescue Greyhound. He is one of the most brave, adaptable and empathetic dogs I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and it makes my heart glow to know he is my furever companion. A survivor of the Greyhound Racing and Coursing Industry, he came to me a shell of a dog, scared of his own reflection and so unsure of the world around him. He quickly learned however, that he was no longer a commodity, or a cheap bet, but a companion and beloved pet and once he realized he was safe, loved and respected, he blossomed into the amazing, social, confident hound he is today.

Even though he is still learning how to navigate this strange world, a far cry from the cold concrete kennels he was raised in, he has shown nothing but love and affection. Once he discovered the joys of the couch there was nothing that could stand in his way! Robert is an ambassadog for his breed, one of the most systematically abused and neglected in Ireland, of which an estimated 6000 are killed annually on the back of gambling and greed. Robert is one of the lucky ones, and I would hope his gentle presence, kind and caring demeanour and unconditional love inspire people to look past their misconceptions of Greyhounds, and see them as the couch-loving, pajama-embracing, goofballs they truly are.

I believe Robert would be a GREYT Nose of Tralee, showing Ireland and the world the value of a Rescue Greyhound, not as a damaged and discarded dog but as a proud, loyal and playful pet, as deserving of affection and love as any other breed. It took Robert over a year to learn how to play with toys, navigate the stairs and that pigeons are friends, not food! He still has his own little battles, like learning to overcome his fear of the toaster, but overall, he has blossomed into a vibrant, playful, duvet-hogging, cuddlebug of a dog, one that I couldn’t imagine life without. This is Robert, a Survivor, and my best friend.

The winner will receive prizes from Sponsors Pet Sitters Ireland, Tesco Ireland and David McAuley Photography

First Prize

  • Title Of Nose of Tralee 2020
  • 200 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • Photo Shoot with David MaCauley Photography including canvas image
  • 500 Euro Tesco Voucher

Second Prize

  • 100 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • 150 Euro Tesco Voucher

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