Meet The 2020 Longford Nose Of Tralee

longford Nose of Tralee

The Longford Nose has got a cute nose, loves his cuddles and has a taste for phones!

Meet The 2020 Longford Nose Of Tralee

Name: Leroy

County: Longford

Age: 3

Breed: Boxer

Longford Nose

Special Skill: cuddles /play fighting with his mammy

Favourite Food: chicken necks

Favourite Toy: frisbee

Favourite Place to Sleep: My bed or in his crate on a lovely fluffy blanket

Favourite Activity: Mischief

Longford Nose of Tralee.

Favourite Place To Go For A Walk/Hangout: The fields

Most Mischievous Thing You Have Ever Done. He ate my phone

How Did You Come Into Your Owners Life? I owned his mother (ruby) which was my first boxer

Longford Nose.

What Makes You The Most Pawtastic Pet EVER! His big personality and playful character

Why Did You Decide To Enter The Nose Of Tralee? I thought Leroy had what it took to win. His cute adorable nose which gets him into trouble sometimes lol

How Did You Prepare For The Contest And Get Votes? I joined a few groups, use imagination try to be different take lots of photos and enjoy every moment

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Nose Of Tralee? Trying to get Leroy to stay still for photos

Longford Nose of Tralee

What Advice Would You Give To The Next Nose Of Your County? Get lots of photos and hound your family about voting each day

How Are You Handling Your New-Found Fame? Leroy loves the attention all comes naturally to him

If You Could Be Any Super Hero Who Would You Be? Mr. Incredible

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