Poco – 2019 Wicklow Nose Of Tralee

Wicklow Nose Of Tralee

Poco has his paws firmly on the ground with his new found fame. He loves all types of food, loves long walks and has a taste for cheese!

So lets meet Poco….

Poco – 2019 Wicklow Nose Of Tralee

County: Wicklow

Age: 3

Breed: Maltese/ Bichon

Special Skill: I can do High 5s, 10, sit, stand on my back legs and scream… literally scream when someones at the door

Favourite food: Grated cheese, chicken and anything really that I can fit in my mouth ?

Favourite Toy: I have a collection of toys. A bit more than I should but my favourites are Rick the rhino, Sammy the sloth, socks, shoes and once again… anything I can fit in my mouth ?

Favourite place to sleep: Depends on how Im feeling, either on the bed with my humans  or under the bed. From time to time I fall asleep on the sofa.

Favourite Activity: Going for bike rides with my humans Desire and Sean. I sit in my basket and enjoy the win blowing in my face. Ive gone from Killiney to phoenix park, Howth and around Dublin by bike! I also love going on hikes. Ive been up Killiney Hill, Ballycorus smelting tower, Howth,  Wicklow mountains, Bray head and Ive done the Greystones to Bray walk.

Favourite Place to go for a walk: I love going for walks around Greystones because I get to go to the beach and the park!

Wicklow Nose 2019

Most mischievous thing I’ve done: Wellllll…. Im always on the move, like the other day my humans made loot bags for my doggie friends for my birthday party. They made 6 that evening and when they woke up, there was only 5… lets just say I’m an evening snacker. Occasionally I also like to teach my humans a lesson and  remind them to not to leave their shoes lying around, I must say… shoes are a great boredom breaker ?

How did you come into your owners life: Ill let my human tell that story… After years of begging our parents for a dog they finally gave in after the loss of our beloved mad rabbit. I managed to find an ad from a lovely old couple in Gorey, Wexford who’s dog unexpectedly had pups. We contacted them and Poco was actually the last one they had out of 5. He was also the only one with cream coloured ears the lady said. We decided we wanted to name him something short and simple so we named him POCO! He occasionally gets called the wrong name, from Coco, Pogo and even Toto!

What makes you the most pawtastic pet ever?: Im a loving, loyal and crazy dog. Super friendly to everyone I see… a bit too friendly at times. Im always there to give cuddles and listen to you when your sad (even tho sometimes I don’t understand). I accompany you everywhere you go and I just love life

Why did you decide to enter the nose of Tralee: My humans say its because I’m cute and everyone should know, I was also told I need to try new things! Personally, I never even knew that my human signed me up for the nose of tralee. Until I was told I was in the final 32!

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes?: My human Desire took my photo at the park (I look so handsome if you ask me ) for the finals. Me and my humans pretty much got ourselves on the gadgets and started flooding facebook and instagram asking people for votes! We managed to also get ourselves on East Coast FM radio, Wicklow times and the wicklow news!

Wicklow Nose

What did you enjoy most about the Nose of Tralee?: Aside from my new found fame I really enjoyed meeting my new friends like Teddy, the Dublin Dog! I loved it when I was wearing my sash and everyone was coming up to pet me and take photos of me! I also enjoyed the regular use of grated cheese when it came to taking a photo of me sitting still!

What Advice would you give to the next nose of your county? Don’t forget to smile for the camera! People love a good smiling dog ?

How are you handling your new found fame? Its not too bad. Im keeping my 4 paws on the ground and my head held up high!

If you could be any super hero what would you be: Id like to be invisible! So I can steal treats and snacks without anyone seeing.. well all they’ll see is a floating and walking treat which is actually quite weird but ah well. Also if I was invisible I could go with my humans wherever they go and they won’t notice!

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