Poppy – The 2019 Nose Of Tralee Runner Up

Poppy Nose of Tralee Runner Up

Today we are chatting to our Nose of Tralee 2019 Runner Up – the lovely Poppy from Meath. Poppy loves giving kisses, is adorably cute and has a taste for new shoes. But..she is not keen on cat woman!!

So lets meet Poppy ……

Poppy – The 2019 Nose Of Tralee Runner Up

County: Meath

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Cockapoo- Cocker Spaniel/ Poodle mix

Special Skill: Giving kisses like its going out of fashion

Favourite Food: A little bit of ice-cream never hurt no puppy!

Favourite Toy: Snowy the teddy bear (he’s not so snowy anymore)

Favourite Place to Sleep:  The hedge

Favourite Activity: Trying to snatch the squeaky off my big brother Bailey

Favourite Place To Go For A Walk: Anywhere with a hedge so I can play hide and seek!

Most Mischievous Thing You Have Ever Done. My Mom always tells me she could write a book on all the mischievous things I do! One day in particular I remember my Mom came home with a bag of shopping and in it were a brand-new pair of her shoes. They were just so shiny and new looking that I decided I would snatch them out of the bag and bring them to my hiding place in the hedge and give them a bit of a doggy makeover with my teeth. To this day I’ll never understand why she threw them in the bin after, I thought they looked fabulous once I had finished with them!

How Did You Come Into Your Owners Life? Bailey (my big brother) seemed a bit lonely at home so my Mom thought it might be a lovely idea to get him a sister who could be his new best bud! Her best friends dog had recently had puppies and I was one of them. She came to see us nearly every day while we were very little, and I sat on her lap for cuddles every one of those days! One day she bought Bailey with her! I loved my big brother from the moment I saw him and gave him a big slobbery kiss and a little nip of his tail- it was just so fluffy I couldn’t help myself! Next thing I knew I was being buddle into the car into my new forever home, making not one but TWO life-long best friends in the process- my Mom and my big brother Bailey!

What Makes You The Most Pawtastic Pet EVER! I am a fun-loving pup that spends most of my days playing squeaky with my brother Bailey and having cuddles with Mom. I love giving kisses like its going out of fashion and I would happily devote all of my time to jumping on anyone who wants a bit of my love, rewarding them with my own sloppy brand of affection. When Mom comes home from a bad day at work all I have to do is run around the house like a mad yolk and grin at her with all my pearly whites on show and then I have her laughing again in no time! I have the softest, velvety ears that just love to be stroked and when my fluff grows out, I’m the softest pup in the park. I might not be perfect, I steal my brothers food and toys, I stretch out so much on the bed that Mom can’t even fit and I’ve chewed up more socks than you’ve worn in a lifetime- but my Mom tells me I’m everything a dog should be and more- loveable, happy-go-licky and a best friend to all!

Poppy Meath Nose 2019

Why Did You Decide To Enter The Nose Of Tralee? Mom decided that since I am such a little character with my mischievous and loveable nature ,she didn’t want to keep me all to herself anymore, she thought I would be the pawfect little nose to represent my home county of Meath and she wanted the rest of Ireland to also get the chance to get to know me. She fell in love with me over three years ago and she hoped that this competition would help me to capture the hearts of the rest of the pet-loving nation of Ireland!

How Did You Prepare For The Contest And Get Votes?  Soooooo many photos!! I had to pose so many times for Mom; in my Nose of Tralee sash, in my new bandana, in front of the hedge, in front of a castle, on the grass, against the wall…it was never ending! I got loads of treats though, so I did it for Mom. Mom also made me get a haircut, which was a traumatic experience for me. I know Mom also worked hard on social media posting photos of me and my antics almost every day! I was also featured on our local newspaper & Mom was interviewed on our local radio station which was super fun to listen to her gushing about me!

The most amazing thing for me, however, was getting to go on the telly!! Mom and I were chosen as one of the contestants to feature on Weekend AM representing the Nose of Tralee Competition 2019 which was such an amazing experience! I was such a good pup, I didn’t embarrass Mom at all…I think!

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Nose Of Tralee? The entire competition was such a wonderful experience! I absolutely loved seeing all the pictures of the other noses every day and seeing what they were getting up to during their campaign. It was so lovely to get to know such a lovely bunch of pets and to see all of their owners so passionate about them, they loved their noses just as much as Mom loves me!

Also… I REALLLLY enjoyed taking SECOND PLACE in the competition! It was really wonderful that all of my hard work; posing for pictures, getting groomed until my fur sparkled, modelling my sash all around the county of Meath, and being on my best behaviour for all of my public appearances actually paid off!!! My Mom was sooo excited when she found out and it made my day when she gave me some ice cream and told me how proud she was of me!

Poppy Nose 2019 Runner Up

What Advice Would You Give To The Next Nose Of Your County? Social Media is the answer! Pose for photos for your owner every day and make sure your owner posts them on social media nearly every day if possible, continue sharing that voting link!! Parade your sash proudly around all of your county’s landmarks, around as many local events as possible. Contact your local newspapers and radio stations and if they don’t answer don’t give up! Send another email or try another!

How Are You Handling Your New-Found Fame? Taking Second Place in the Nose of Tralee 2019 was an absolute dream for me! I had to hide in my favourite place in the hedge when I found out, I was just so overwhelmed! Sometimes my brother Bailey gets a little bit jealous of my fame, but I assure him I’m still the same loveable, happy-go-licky pup and him and Mom are still my two best friends in the world!

If You Could Be Any Super Hero Who Would He Be? Any superhero but Cat Woman… she makes my fur stand on end!

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