Mitzy – 2019 Louth Nose of Tralee

Louth Nose of Tralee 2019

Mitzy loves to walk like a human, enjoys a nice treat and likes to do puzzles in her spare time. She is used to lots of attention and has famous family!

Lets meet Mitzy…

Mitzy – 2019 Louth Nose of Tralee

County: Louth

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Toy Poodle

Special Skill: Walking just like my Human

Favourite Food: Lets just say I’m not very Picky any food goes down a treat

Favourite Toy: Anything I can get my teeth into Nyla bones are pawesome but I also love puzzles I mean who doesn’t love a toy that contains treats?

Favourite place to sleep: Anywhere next to my human

Favourite Activity: I Love getting to have play dates with my son Monte he always has plenty of energy (I mean what beats a Mother and Son Bond). I also loved being groomed and getting to wear cute little bows that my human says compliment my amazing hair colour

Louth 2019 Nose

Favourite place to go for walks: I love walking through town I always get plenty of attention and cuddles

Most mischievous thing you have ever done? I couldn’t let you know all my secrets I mean that would be telling after all, However I will find food wherever its hidden and I just cant help myself I have to allow myself to have a little taste

How did you come into your owners life? I was actually meant to be for my humans little brother but every day I would go with her into a place she called college, I would meet other little doggies and plenty of humans who gave me so much attention I just loved getting to explore all the different surroundings

Why did you decide to enter the nose of Tralee? My human entered me she says I am so clever and have an awesome personality. She entered my little son into Irelands next top madra last year and he went and Won out of an amazing bunch of doggies! She thought this could be my year unfortunalty it didn’t go in my favour :(

Louth Nose 2019

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes? My mammy made me social media pages where she would share all my daily adventures. My Sons mommy also made posters and leaflets which we left all over town during the fleadh, We then went to both local newspaper and local radio station.

What did you enjoy most about the nose of Tralee? Meting so many lovely people who gave me so much attention and love. I never seen our town so busy but as the fleadh was on I got so much attention which I mean who doesn’t love.

What advice would you give to the next nose of your county? Where to start get as many people on your side from radio stations and papers before any others get in. Also social media is a huge help! If you know anyone with plenty of followers also get them to share, Also just enjoy everything don’t be to serious enjoy the fun with your pawesome pooch.

How are you handling your new found fame? I mean I may not have won but I am a winner to my humans and family.

If you could be any super hero who would you be? That’s a tough one… Flash because I love running and wally West is ginger

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