Mr Alfie Moon – 2019 Nose of Tralee Winner

Aflie Moon Nose of Tralee Winner

Each year we get to meet so many amazing pets that enter the annual Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee competition. And every year we select 32 amazing County Finalists who become part of an amazing group of Noses.

This year we are delighted to crown Alfie Moon the 2019 Nose of Tralee winner.

So lets find out more about the King of the Castle….Mr Alife Moon.

Mr Alife Moon – 2019 Nose of Tralee Winner

County: Galway

Age:3 to 4 not sure…I’m a rescue  

Breed: Bichon X I think but not sure what I’m crossed says I run like a rabbit, look like a sheep and sound like a cross between a donkey and a cat sometimes ?


Alfies amazing before and after photos – he’s quite the handsome dude now!

Special Skill: I’m a magician…I make food disappear in seconds…I can also make myself disappear at times if I’m given the chance.  

Favourite Food: whatever moms having..only if it’s off her plate  though..tastes way nicethan from my bowl. 

Favourite Toy: my teddy…well what’s left of him 

Favourite Place to Sleep: on moms feet and at her head

Favourite Activity:playing football 

Favourite Place To Go For A Walk:we have loads of lovely places to walk where we live…I like walking in town though because I get loads of attention off everyone I meet along the way. 

Most Mischievous Thing You Have Ever Doneoh where to start…ran off up the street on mom and she found me being dragged out of the local chipper its not my fault I was hungry 

How Did You Come Into Your Owners Life?she adopted me from our local rescue…she says I melted her heart the second she saw me…I’m a pro at that. 

What Makes You The Most Pawtastic Pet EVER!I’m just me…I’m just totally pawtastic…I know when mom needs me to make her laugh, how 2 make her smile and when to lick away her tears. I came from being a scruffy dog straying the streets to being moms best friend and partner in crime. 

Why Did You Decide To Enter The Nose Of Tralee?I heard it was a fun competition and it was. 

How Did You Prepare For The Contest And Get Votes? I melted everyone’s heart with my big brown eyes. I took over moms social media and made everyone vote for me…I done a post everyday about my adventures and what mischief I had been up to.

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Nose Of Tralee?There is so much. I made loads of new friends along the way human and furry. I got to go on loads of adventures with mom and I got even more attention than normal.

What Advice Would You Give To The Next Nose Of Your County?Just give it your all and go for gold…keep it interesting and different…put a funny twist on it and keep people entertained..give them a reason to want to see what yur up to and want to vote everyday. 

How Are You Handling Your New-Found Fame?I’m handling it quite well I think..just getting ready to move into my new castle now that I’m officially a king ? 

If You Could Be Any Super Hero Who Would He Be? I am a superhero…well I’m moms anyway. But if I had to chose 1 I’d be the invisible man. That way mom wouldn’t see me when I’m stealing her dinner. She could never prove it was me.

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