Kuna – 2019 Antrim Nose Of Tralee

Antrim Nose of Tralee

With a taste for toast and an ability to roll over and get out of any trouble, Kuna is quite the cutie. A lover of adventures and playing with toilet rolls!

Lets meet Kuna…

Kuna – 2019 Antrim Nose Of Tralee

County: Antrim

Age: 19 weeks

Breed: Miniature short-haired dachshund

Special Skill:  I’ve learned loads of tricks! But I think my special skill is that whenever I’m in trouble for being bold I just roll over onto my back and mum forgives me straight away.

Favourite Food: Toast! I love stealing mum’s toast in the morning, and if I stare at her long enough she always gives me more.

Favourite Toy: My favourite toy was given to me on my first night in my new house. It’s a little toy that looks like a cow, it has a squeaker and it rustles! We’ve named him Russel, but he doesn’t rustle anymore because I’ve chewed him so much!

Favourite Place to Sleep: I love sleeping up on mums lap, she gives great cuddles and pets me while I’m sleeping, I love the attention.

Favourite Activity: I love napping, I could nap anywhere! I love curling up into a little ball after playing (mum says I look like a bagel when I do this) and falling asleep up on someone’s lap.

Favourite Place To Go For A Walk: I love going on adventures, I’ve been to loads of places in Antrim because mum wanted me to see more of the county I was representing this year, but she promises to take me to see every county in Ireland! My favourite place to go for a walk though is in Antrim Castle Gardens.

Most Mischievous Thing You Have Ever Done. I was being so good with my house training so I was allowed to not be stuck in one room being supervised. I decided to run off into the other room, grab the end of the toilet roll and run through the house leaving a stream of toilet roll behind me, mum was able to follow the trail and find me at the end lying in the sun in the kitchen.

How Did You Come Into Your Owners Life? Mum came to meet me and my family and we fell in love. She knew I’d chosen her because I licked her nose when she was holding me. She wanted to take me with her there and then but we had to wait a few weeks before I could move into my new house.

What Makes You The Most Pawtastic Pet EVER! I’m able to brighten my whole family’s day. Mum loves coming home from work and seeing me wiggle on the floor with excitement to see her. I’ve also melted the hearts of all my uncles, aunts and granny and grandad, I give them great kisses and cuddles!

Why Did You Decide To Enter The Nose Of Tralee? Mum saw it on Facebook and thought it would be a great excuse to take more photos of me, as if she doesn’t take enough ?

Antrim Nose 2019

How Did You Prepare For The Contest And Get Votes?  I got loads of photos, mum got friends in work to vote, as well as family and friends. We also did a campaign in a place called Cushendall, where mum grew up, and I was able to start a race with the Antrim Rose, Orlagh, it all helped.

What Did You Enjoy Most About The Nose Of Tralee? I got more attention from everyone because they wanted to know all about me and get pictures of me.

What Advice Would You Give To The Next Nose Of Your County? Plan ahead for what you want to do for your photo, and make sure to try and get as many votes as you can, try getting in touch with the newspapers and radio to get the story covered and get lots of votes!

How Are You Handling Your New-Found Fame? Mum says I’ve been getting away with more mischief than normal, and why shouldn’t I? I’m the Antrim Nose, I’m the most famous one in the family now, so I deserve all the treats and attention.

If You Could Be Any Super Hero Who Would He Be? I’d be Flash, because although I’m only half a dog tall I am really fast when I get my zoomies.

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