Meet Daisy – The 2017 Nose Of Tralee Runner Up

Nose Of Tralee 2017 Runner Up

Every year it’s exciting to see who is going to be crowned the Runner Up of the Nose of Tralee. This year we are delighted to announce that Daisy from Kerry is the 2017 Nose of Tralee Runner Up.

We asked her owner Sarah to tell us a little more about Daisy and what makes her such a fantastic Nose.

Meet Daisy The 2017 Nose Of Tralee Runner Up

Pets Name: Daisy (Daisy-Doo)

County: Kerry

Age: 6

Breed: Dogue De Bordeaux

Special Skill: Drooling

Favourite Food: Beef chunks

Favourite Toy: Doesn’t really have one but does chase Billy’s tail if that counts as a toy ?

Favourite Place to Sleep: The Sofa

Favourite Activity: Running in puddles and mud

Most Mischievous Daisy Has Ever Done: We had Lino in the kitchen when she was a pup. We left her in there for an hour whilst we went shopping. Came back to the Lino in pieces!!! ?

How did Daisy come into your life?

We searched high and low for a reputable breeder of Dogue De Bordeaux as we had experience of the breed before. We found a lovely family in Carlow who owned both parents and had a litter. We drove 4 hours there and 4 hours back to get her!

What’s her story?

Daisy hasn’t always had it easy. She was born with an umbilical hernia and had to have an operation quite young to have it rectified. She also recently had a near death experience with a knuckle bone which meant she needed surgery immediately to extract it. She also has thin blood so was even more dangerous. Throughout everything, she has ALWAYS pulled through and is an absolute fighter!

What makes Daisy the most pawtastic pet EVER!

Daisy wins the heart of everyone that meets her. She has a way of making you say “Aww” with just one look. She knows when you feel down, and just a simple head off your knee makes you feel wonderful again. She is fantastic with kids and is the most placid dog I think I’ve ever met!

Why did you decide to enter the Nose of Tralee?

I wanted the world to see that large dogs (especially Mastiff and Bull breeds) can be just as gentle and amazing as other “traditional” family dogs. Over the years, the media has shown similar breeds in a bad light due to unfortunate circumstances. I wanted people to see that if you bring them up right….they turn out amazing. Daisy is completely docile, has a heart of gold and makes me and my family extremely happy. She is not a rescue dog, but every animal deserves the chance at happiness and we are delighted to give Daisy hers!

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes?

I created a Facebook group and Instagram account for her. I shared daily, at least once in the morning and also the evening. I also created a public page once she reached the finals. I also asked in Mastiff Facebook groups daily to vote for her and local community Facebook groups too.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of gathering support and a good team of family and friends around you. Contacting as many local businesses as you can is of real benefit and also local newspapers. I took her to local vets and groomers to rally support and they also shared on their Facebook pages. We also started a hashtag which people may have seen on the Facebook Live Announcement, and this was #DaisysArmy. A friend of mine started it and it kind of stuck!

What did you enjoy most about the Nose Of Tralee?

I absolutely loved being Daisy’s PA! ? I loved meeting all the finalists and seeing what their beloved fur babies were doing each day. To see the support from friends and family was amazing, and really showed me who is there for you when you need it the most. To see Daisy in her sash was a heart melting moment for me. I was so proud!

What advice would you give to the next Nose of your county?

Make sure you start rallying votes even before the first round begins. Add people to a group and keep reminding them when voting starts and how important it is to you. Tell people all the time that your animal is representing THEIR county and you need their support to make their county a winner!

How is Daisy handling her new-found fame?

Daisy loves the attention! She is probably none the wiser really….she still loves the sofa! But she does love to be out and about seeing different places and meeting people, so her campaigning was great!

If Daisy could be any super hero who would they be?

Daisy is a superhero of her own. She has the ultimate super power of winning your heart. She is the incredible DAISY-DOO! ❤️

Congratulations to Daisy! We are proud to have you as one of our Noses.