2014 Nose of Tralee Finalist – Louie from Co Westmeath


Westmeath Nose

Age: 4 years young this October

Breed: Collie cross

Special Skills

What doesn’t he do would be better. Louie does everything from sit, lay down, roll over to shoot and play dead. He loves agility, especially high jump. He has won three years in a row The Dog High Jump in Mullingar International Fayre. He helps me put our chickens in to bed; he has learned to herd the ducks and also our pheasants. We recently released the pheasants into our garden, and I put them in at night. He is very good and knows to take his time with them so they don’t fly away. He absolutely loves fetch, and can also throw things at you. Oh and he loves cycling, going with me cycling. He runs beside me with our other dog George a Gorden Setter.

Favourite Food

It has to be apples this time of year. We have 20 apple trees in the garden and he doesn’t let them go to waste, a tasty ball to throw and eat.

Favourite Toy

Hmm, there is a teddy that is in the garden that he likes to bring around with him and play with and throw in the air.

Favourite Place to Sleep

Definitely on my bed, or if I am out of the house outside the front door so he can see when we are home.

Favourite Activity

Spending time with me, I would say. He loves fetch, herding ducks, agility, being in the car. He is just such a happy dog it is hard to see what he loves most.

How did your dog come into your life? What’s their story?

I heard there was a litter of unwanted collie pups that were to be drowned by a friend’s neighbor if they were not rehomed. Five pups left that evening and a friend dropped a pup to my house. I had not ever been allowed a dog and I had not told my mother, so I tied a note around this tiny pup’s neck and brought him in to my mom. I said I found him outside and we need to look after him. Of course, we all fell for the Lovely Louie and the rest is history. It was the best decision of my life bringing that pup home. My friend has his two sisters, one is identical to Louie.

What makes your dog and their breed so special? What makes them the most pawtastic pet EVER!

He is over all the most wonderful creature I have ever met. He is so clever. He is loyal and affectionate. You can read his expressions on his face and you just know what he is thinking. He is everything you want in a pet. Collies are fun to train as he learns things so quick. They can be taught easily. They are active when you want them to be and quiet when you want to relax. A very versatile dog to have. He is a wonderful companion as well as helping me out with daily chores.

Why did you decide to enter the Nose of Tralee?

I thought Louie deserved the recognition for being who he is. Really, he is my best friend. When I am having a bad day and I just want to crawl in somewhere and hide, he is there to make me smile and laugh and just make me feel better. He deserves the best and I thought what better way than to be the Westmeath Nose. When he looks up at you with his eyes, you melt, and it just warms my heart that this creature is here because of me and he is here for me. He loves meeting new people, giving them kisses and receiving belly rubs.

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes?

I contacted friends and family to vote. I also contacted a local rescue, I am going to raise the same amount of money as the number of votes I received.

What did it mean to you and your dog to get to the finals of the Nose of Tralee?

I was quite excited for Louie. He always has people coming up to me recognizing him as the High jump winner or the Tricks dog. He, of course, loves the attention. Now he gets recognized for the Nose of Tralee.

What did you enjoy most about the Nose of Tralee?

The involvement. It is fun to be part of something to recognize how great pets are, and what they do for us.

What advice would you give to the next Nose of your county?

Contact a local rescue, and do it for them and give back to them as they need the recognition and vital funds to rescue more animals.

How is your dog handling their new found fame?

Great. He is loving the spotlight.

If your dog could be any super hero, who would he be?

Well considering that is who he is, Wonderdog! We also have a Wonder horse in our family but that is another story.



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