10 Facts About Golden Retrievers And Why We Love Them

Golden Retrievers are such lovely dogs, they have a gorgeous coloured coat and a loving friendly nature. So we wanted to find out some fun and interesting facts about them.

We also wanted to find out from our Facebook Group what they loved most about their Golden Retriever.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Golden Retrievers.


#1. Golden Retrievers are beautiful shades of gold and cream

#2. They generally have a life span of 10-12 years.

#3. Golden Retrievers are very smart dogs that are loyal and friendly to their owners.

#4. They are really fond of play but are also highly trainable.

#5. Because the Golden Retriever is easily trained they are great as an assistance dog.

#6. Often Golden Retrievers are also trained to be a hunting dog, a detection dog, and a search and rescue participant.

#7. Golden Retrievers are listed to be the 4th smartest dog breed (after Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds).

#8. They are also the 3rd most popular dog in America and the 8th most popular in the United Kingdom

#9. Golden Retrievers have a very trusting, gentle disposition which means that generally speaking they don’t make a great guard dog.

#10. Golden Retrievers can become sad if they are left alone for long periods of time. Some experts say they shouldn’t be left alone for more than seven hours.

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“My gorgeous girl Mollie. She is just the happiest and most affectionate dog I have ever come across. She can tell when you’re happy and she’ll celebrate with you or when you’re sad she’ll cuddle you and try her best to cheer you up. She makes me laugh and smile so much and I couldn’t bear to be without her!” ~Steph

Golden Retriever 1

“Talked my mam & dad into taking Minnie as her owners were getting rid of her. She is the best dog. Loves being around people. Gets mam & dad out walking all the time and is seemingly Miss Popular in the park.” ~Eimear

Golden Retriever 2

My handsome boy Brandy.He is 11 years old but still behave like a puppy. He loves everyone .Always with a smile and waging tail.Love him so much xxx. ~ Adnana

Golden Retriever 3

“This is Chloe. I rescued her 4.5 years ago. Her previous 5 years of life she was tortured; tied with a chain to a tree which prevented her from walking more than a few feet. Left outside 24/7 filthy dirty and her hair all in knots. This precious girl continues every single day to teach me about forgiveness. How she can tolerate humans, let alone love them, is beyond me.
Do to The fact that Chloe could not walk for 4.5 years she developed severe Osteoarthritis and couldn’t walk 20ft when I first adopted her. I search treatments to help her and took a chance on Stem Cell Transplant therapy. I am happy to say that The transplant helped Chloe considerably. Now Chloe can walk a few blocks.
She is priceless to me! She has an hysterical personality. At times she acts like a puppy. She totally cracks me up” ~Debbie

Golden Retriever 4

What do you love about your Golden Retriever?

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