10 Facts About Collie Dogs And Why We Love Them

I had a Collie dog myself for years. Patch was a fantastic Collie cross that we got from a rescue in the UK. She lived until she was 19 years old (an amazing age!) and was the most loyal and loving dog. She had a great personality and really enjoyed the outdoors, as well as her creature comforts.

So it was interesting for me to hear from other Collie dog owners about what they love about their Collies, and also find out some interesting facts about the Collie Breed.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Collie Dogs.

#1. Collies originate in Scotland about 350 years ago, being mostly used for herding animals. Some farmers still use them as herding dogs, with a lot of them being household pets. They are also often used as search and rescue dogs.


#2. The 3 main types with “Collie” in their name are the Border Collie, Rough Collie and Bearded Collie. There are a few other dogs that are technically in the Collie group even though they don’t have it in their name.

#3. The Collie is a gentle, affectionate and sensitive dog.

#4. Collies are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds, making them really easy to train.

#5. Collies love being around people so you need to make sure you have plenty of time to spend with them.

#6. Collies love children and love playing with them. They develop a great bond with all family members. They are generally not a one-person dog and can be protective of everyone in the family. Collies consider everyone to be their best friend!

#7. Collies have lots of energy! So they need plenty of walks and a large garden where possible.

#8. Because Collies have so much energy they tend to do really well at agility.

#9. Collies usually live to 12-14 years old (although my Collie lived until 19!!)

#10. Lassie was a member of the Collie family, a Rough Collie, and he made the breed extremely popular and well known.

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My fur baby susie is all lovable and really clever, I just love her to bits. ~Sharon

Collie 1

My eldest baby is 13 this year. Almost deaf now he lives a quiet life of an old man and has no problem grumbling like an old man too. Collies have such personalities and so much love to give ~Leah

Collie 2

This is my 2nd oldest Frankie, an amazingly intelligent but very quirky & can be shy with other people. She’s recently developed a heart problem but responding v well to medication TG. Did I mention she talks to me!! Doggie language of course. ~Sharon

Collie 3

This is my girl Daisy, she perfectly demonstrates how great Border Collies are! We compete in Agility and do displays at agricultural shows in the summer where she loves showing off and meeting people. Border Collies are extremely intelligent and love learning new tricks. Daisy knows a wide variety of tricks and is learning new ones daily so she can get her Trick Dog Titles from the US. Border Collie’s are so affectionate too! If you put in the time necessary to train them, they will be fantastic dogs. They’re definitely worth it. ~Courtney

Collie 4

This is Teddy, he’s a Border Collie crossed with a German Shepherd, so he’s a mix of the two best breeds! He demonstrates that both breeds are extremely affectionate and intelligent dogs. He loves meeting new people on his walk every day and showing them how awesome both breeds are! He really is the most loving dog in the world and they’ll stick to you like velcro, especially if you have food! They are such a pleasure to have and train every day and you definitely won’t regret getting one.  He was also Sligo’s Nose of Tralee 2015!  ~Courtney

Collie 5


What do you love about your Collie Dog?

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