10 Facts About Boxer Dogs And Why We Love Them


Boxer Dog

If you own a Boxer Dog then you probably know most, if not all, of these facts about Boxer Dogs. But if you are thinking about getting one or maybe have a general interest in Boxers then I think you will find this article interesting.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Boxer Dogs.

#1. The Boxer Dog breed originated in Germany. In the war boxers were used in the military to serve as messenger dogs, and act as attack and guard dogs.

#2. Boxers Dogs are known for their playful, energetic, loyal, friendly and intelligent manner. They love affection (as all dogs do) and require lots of love and petting.

#3. Boxer Dogs have a lifespan of 10-12 years.

#4. Boxer Dogs are a short haired breed. They are most commonly fawn and brindle in colour, with white belly and white feet. Approximately 20-25% of Boxers are born pure white.

#5. Boxers Dogs are the most popular dog breed in the United States. Their friendly nature means they also get along with other dogs very well.

#6. Boxer Dogs are extremely active and needs lots of exercise.

#7. Boxer Dogs can sometimes be prone to heart and skin conditions.

#8. Boxer Dogs are known for their loose lips and very wrinkly face, a very distinctive feature of their breed.

#9. Boxer Dogs are extremely good with children and so are very popular as a family dog. They can become very protective of their owners

#10. According to Wikipedia, the name “Boxer” is supposedly derived from the breed’s tendency to play by standing on its hind legs and “boxing” with its front paws

We asked our Love Your Pets Facebook Group why they loved their Boxer and this is what they had to say! 

“Archie was my best friend! He was a big friendly giant, and he was the dog that changed so many people’s lives! He died 3 years ago but he will never be forgotten, he was a legend” ~Kirsty

Boxer 1

“This is my boy, we found each other three years ago he’s the most amazing friendly loyal dog ever , when we lost our home I couldn’t bear to give him up, thankfully we got through it and eventually found a new home,and he now has a little sister” ~Aine

Boxer 2

“This is Rosie- a show dog- didn’t like car journeys so didn’t show properly – Rehomed to me from her breeder at 18 months- never lived in a house- she was housetrained in 1 week- sweet, gentle, goofy- mothers the smaller dog- loves the beach and just being with you looking into your face and giving you her paw- a GEM- my Rosie now 9 years old” ~Nicola

Boxer 3

What do you love about your Boxer Dog?