10 Facts About Yorkshire Terriers And Why We Love Them.

As part of our continued series on dog breeds, this week we look at the Yorkshire Terrier and find out some fun facts about them and why people love the breeds so much.

10 Fun Facts About Yorkshire Terriers.

#1. The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorkie, originates from Yorkshire in Northern England.

#2. The breed was used for catching rats in clothing mills and also for the, now illegal, practice of rat baiting.

Yorkshire Terrier

#3. It has a grey, black and tan coat, and normally they don’t exceed 7 lbs in weight.

#4. They do not shed very much and can be great pets for people with allergies.

#5. They have a fantastic personality and are very active, curious and fond of attention.

#6. They are known to be very easy to train and follow instruction with ease.

#7. They are prone to a lot of barking and make great guard dogs, letting you know if anyone is approaching the house. This can be something you can easily address with training though.

#8. As they were developed as a working breed they require a good amount of mental and physical stimulation. So they require lots of walks and also human interaction.

#9. Yorkie owners are extremely proud of their breed and hold gatherings of owners all over the world. New York is particularly well known for meet ups, with a high number of Yorkies living there.

#10. The “Teacup” Yorkshire terriers are a very small breed of the Yorkie, weighing on average only 4lbs.

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This is my baby boo Tiny I have had him 13 years he has gone through bereavments, break ups and sicknesses with me. And at the end of it it all he has been the one to never let me down stayed loyal till the end. This is why I spoil my beautiful boy forever because his love is always with me. ~Frances


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